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Friday, October 24, 2014

Don't name the messenger (2)

[6: 87-88] Talking to Guelf, or rather Tancred, or rather Rupert, Godfrey once again stresses that he cannot justify Richard's behavior. The young Norman will have to submit, and accept to be imprisoned -- with the only privilege of coming himself freely, instead of being arrested.

[6: 89]

Così disse, e Ruperto a lui rispose:
- Anima non potea, d'infamia schiva,
Ascoltar le parole ingiurïose
E non farne repulsa ove l'udiva.
E se 'l duro adversario a morte ei pose,
Chi è che 'l segno a giusta ira prescriva?
Chi conta i colpi, o la dovuta offesa,
Mentre arde la tenzon, misura e pesa?

So spoke Godfrey; and Rupert replied, "An infamy-shunning soul could not listen to those insulting words [by Gernand] without rejecting them on the very spot. And yes, he did kill his fierce adversary, but who can fix a limit to just wrath? Who can count the strokes, or measure and weight how many attacks be allowed as long as the battle rages?"