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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Never mess with God

Gnosticism coming true: The "God of this world" took his revenge against Blake by making his revolutionary ideas look like commonplace in the current, shallow religious market . . .

He anyway stands out as possibly the greatest master of illustration, both with big subjects (the Bible, Milton, etc.) and with 'secondary' authors; a job that did not absolutely clip his wings, but showed what the art of illustration can achieve by expressing one's own soul, skills, and favorite imagery at the same time as one adorns and exalts the work of somebody else.

Werner Hofmann (ed.), William Blake, the catalog of an exhibition held in Hamburg, Germany, in 1975, Munich: Prestel Verlag, pages 248, cm 23 x 24, with more than 200 pictures -- of which only 16 in color, unfortunately -- showing basically all of his art.