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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Guest: Dino Buzzati

Oil on cardboard, 35 x 25 cm, painted in 1957. The hand-written text all along the frame reads: In Saluzzo(*) there was a giant tree, of an unknown species, at whose feet, in the fitting evenings, the phantoms gathered to celebrate their usual rites. It was 43 meters high from top to base, and 44 meters from base to top!

(*) A small town in Piedmont, N-W Italy, whose national fame comes from having been the hometown to Silvio Pellico, a 19th century patriot. Moreover, Piedmont has a rich lore as for witches, etc. Dino Buzzati (Belluno, 1906 - Milan, 1972) has been the most important fantasy writer and artist in 20th century Italy.