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Friday, October 31, 2014

What about Armida? (1)

[6: 92]

Hey, had anybody forgotten about her? ---> the previous episodes

Di procurar fratanto il suo soccorso
Non cessò mai l'ingannatrice rea
C'humilïato havrebbe il cor d'un orso,
Tanto l'ingegno e la beltà potea.
Ma quando i suoi destrier sospinse al corso
La Notte, che 'l gran carro in ciel volgea,
Ella hebbe tregua di sospir co 'l sole,
Qual donna c'honestate honora e cole.

Meanwhile, the evil deceiver did not stop
To pursue her own her purposes -- she
Who could tame the heart of a bear,
So powerful were her mind and beauty.
But as soon as the Night galloped her steeds
Turning her chariot throughout the sky,
And the sun set, Armida also ended her sighs
Like(*) a woman who did honor decency.

(*) that's not the same as "as"

P.S. A timely return, today that is Halloween ^////^