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Friday, November 7, 2014

Off Topic: Dougal Dixon is alive today!

Dougal Dixon, Dan Green, If Dinosaurs Were Alive Today, London: Octopus Publishing Group, 2007, 2013 [I dinosauri sono tra noi, Milan: Mondadori, 2014, pages 96, euros 11.90], with pictures by Leonello Calvetti, Frank DeNota, Andrew Kerr, Simon Mendez, Peter Scott, Franco Tempesta

Dougal Dixon, the cult author of such "must have" books as After Man and The New Dinosaurs, as well as well as a BBC production on alternative fauna, after many years in which he has often wasted his genius on trivial kids' books, is back with a project up to his standards. The question is not 100% original, as it had already been asked in Jurassic Park: What about dinosaurs interacting with our world? And, not all species presented here are top-carefully rendered. But these are the secondary sides of it, because the book answers the question with the intelligence, the humor, and even the bit of poetry that mark a true "must have" item.