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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

What about Armida? (4)

[6: 99]

E sendo giunto il dì che già prefisse
Il capitano a darle alcuno aiuto,
A lui se 'n venne riverente, e disse:
- Sire, il promesso giorno è homai venuto,
E se del mio refugio il vero udisse,
E de' miei preghi, il reo tiranno astuto
Prepareria gran forze a far difesa,
Né fora agevol poi la giusta impresa.

And since the day had come, which 
The Captain(*) had fixed to give her help,
She reverently came before him, and said,
"Lord, the promised day has arrived;
Besides, if he learned about my refuge
And my plea, that evil, shrewd tyrant
Would prepare great forces for the defence,
And the just enterprise wouldn't be easy."

(*) Then modified into il sommo duce, "the supreme leader." Godfrey had -- chivalrously if reluctantly -- promised to help Armida in her alleged family feud, actually a trap to weaken the Christian army.