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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Duel (2)

[7: 27]

Alcun però dal pio Goffredo eletto
Come il miglior anco non è fra molti.
Ben si vedean con desïoso affetto
Tutti gli occhi in Tancredi esser rivolti;
E 'l dichiarò, fra quei miglior, perfetto
Manifesto favor di mille volti;
E s'udìa, non oscuro, ivi il bisbiglio
Ch'egli solo sia pari al gran periglio.

But no one has been chosen yet by Godfrey,
Among so many knights, as their champion.
Nonetheless, the eyes of all of them were
Now obviously turned towards Tancred,
Who was declared the best among the best
By the clear approval of a thousand faces;
An unconcealed murmur exalted him
As the sole(*) who could match that peril.

(*) The final printed version would stress Tancred's valor further by describing him as "more than equal" to that great peril. Of course, the first Christian champion to send would have been Richard, but he was off after breaking off with the Captain -- like Achilles in the Iliad. See the past posts titled Rebel With a Cause.