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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Guests: Walt Disney and Salvador Dalí

Apparently, unlike all other Disney classics, there exists no 'big book' reporting everything -- events, sketches, storyboards, etc. -- about the short Destino, planned by Walt Disney and Salvador Dali back in 1946 but produced by the WD Company no sooner than 2003. Only one booklet in English and one in Italian are available (see below). And this is a pity, because the film witnesses a magic era in the history of art and animation: in those years, in fact, Disney was working hard to show that his cartoons were something more than pastimes for children, and Dali had reached his artistic maturity while not yet yielding to the excesses of fame. Indeed, some ideas developed by the Surrealist painter on this occasion will remain unique throughout his career. Some clear tributes to Renaissance art can be seen as well, such as Bruegel the Elder's Tower of Babel and Giovanni Bellini's allegory of Envy. The 2003 edition follows the original storyboards as closely as possible, but adopting a more modern style, and rightly so. The result is simply superb.

Francesca Adamo, Caterina Pennestrì, Il Destino di un incontro: Salvador Dalí e Walt Disney, Introduction by Matteo G. Brega, Milan: Mimesis, 2010, pages 110, with 59 black&white pictures, euros 14