SiStan ChapLee

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Tasso's glories in the 21st century

. . .
Non potevo spiegarti allora il Tasso,
non conoscevo ancora le sue glorie,
il suo impaccio mimetico
e i silenzi che innesca tra le foglie.
. . .

Then, I could not explain you about Tasso
since I didn't know his glories yet,
his mimetic clumsiness, and the stillness
he can trigger among the leaves.

From Il voyeur mustelide by Federico Italiano, in the collection L'invasione dei granchi giganti, Genoa/Milan: Marietti 1820, 2010, pages 86, euros 14. The lines joke on the name Tasso, that -- in this case -- means "badger." With many thanks to a dear friend and talented poet, Sergio Gallo, who recommended this book.