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Friday, January 2, 2015

The best defense is attack (2)

[7: 4, Argantes speaks]

A que' non son turbati i prandi e rotti,
Né quelle cene mai, superbe e liete;
Anzi i dì lunghi e le serene notti
Traggon securi in placida quïete.
Voi da' disagi e da la fame indotti
A render l'arme a lungo andar sarete,
Od a morirne qui come codardi,
Quando l'hoste d'Eggitto anco ritardi.

". . .   To them [the Crusaders], lunches are never(*) upset and interrupted, nor are those superb and merry suppers of theirs. Indeed, they spend the long days and the clear nights safely in a placid quiet. While you, in the long run, will be led by want and hunger to surrender, or to die here as cowards, if the army of Egypt happens to be late."

(*) Of course, the Christian soldiers who complained about the way things were managed in their own Camp said the same, with inverted roles.