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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Forbidden love (1)

The King, i.e. Emir Ducat of Jerusalem, who incidentally plans to have Nicaea married to one of his sons (but we won't know whom, and it won't succeed, anyway), asks her to "show and tell" about the main Christian knights since she had the opportunity to spend some time among them.

[7: 41.1 - 42.2]

- Chi è dunque colui, se ti sovvene,
Lo qual leggiadro in vista e fero è tanto? -
A quella, in vece di risposta, hor vene
Su le labbra un sospir, su gli occhi il pianto;
Pur gli spirti e le lacrime ritiene,
Ma non così che lor non mostri alquanto,
Ché gli occhi tinse un bel purpureo giro
E mezzo fuori uscìo roco sospiro.

Pur, come può, s'infinge e 'n sé nasconde
Sotto il manto de l'odio altro desìo:
[. . .]

"Who, if you can remember about him, is that man who looks so graceful and so fierce?" But she---- instead of an answer, a sigh comes to her lips, and tears to her eyes. She manages to hold back both her breath and her desire to cry, though not enough not to show part of it, while beautiful red rings encircle her eyes and a half hoarse sigh slips out. Yet, she feigns as best as she can, hiding a different feeling under the cloak of hate, and says, . . .