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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Holy Land: A group shot

This Supper at Emmaus is a 1513 painting of the "Venetian school," kept in the Church of San Salvador (sic, not in Spanish but in the local parlance) in Venice. The author is a matter of controversy: either Carpaccio or Bellini, or the former's disciples, or the latter's, or both. What matters more is the fact that the painting shows the social groups that were -- and basically, still are -- the most representative in that geographic area: a soldier (on the left), a Muslim, an Orthodox priest, a pilgrim. All of them were well known in Venice.

By the way, by having a look at Renaissance maps of the Holy Land, it seems to turn out that the holy places were often set in different neighborhoods than nowadays. Apparently, the needs of tourism are more important than theological truths ;-)