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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

It's clobberin' time! (5)

[7: 55]

Spinge il destriero in quella, e tutto oblia
Quanto di cavalier virtù richieda.
Fugge Ivon quello incontro e si desvia,
E bench'il suo destrier ferirli ei creda,
Fere la gamba; e la percossa è ria,
Bench'il ferro tornar lucente ei veda.
Ma non fa piaga il colpo al vincitore
Né toglie forza, e giunge ira e furore.

He(*) meanwhile spurs his horse, unmindful
Of all that a knight's virtue would demand.
Ives escapes the clash and swerves,
And while trying to injure the horse,
He hits Argantes' leg -- and quite fiercely so,
Though the blade comes back shining. (**)
So, the blow does not wound nor weaken
The winner: it increases his wrath and fury.

(*) Argantes. Immediately after accusing Ives of despising courtesy, he does the most discorteous thing of all: attacking on horseback a knight on foot. Ives' reaction is not wholly 'chivalrically correct' either, but is understandable.
(**) That is, not bloodstained.