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Friday, April 24, 2015

Tancred vs Argantes (2)

[7: 58]

Fassi innanzi gridando: - Anima vile,
Anchor ne le vittorie infame sei!
Qual titolo di laude alto e gentile
Da modi attendi sì scortesi e rei?
Fra ladroni d'Arabia o fra simìle
Barbara turba avezzo esser tu dei.
Fuggi la luce e va' con l'altre belve
A incrudelir ne' monti e tra le selve -.

He(*) moves forward, and shouts, "Mean soul, (**)
You do prove a villain even in your victories!
What lofty and noble reason of praise
Do you expect from such discorteous acts?
You are probably too accustomed to living
Among Arabian robbers (***) or barbarian mobs.
Away from light! Go with the other wild beasts
And rage among mountains and forests!"

(*) Tancred
(**) The use of "soul" as an apostrophe comes from Dante, e.g. Inferno 8: 44. The same episode, Inferno 8: 42, also inspired line 7 in this octave.
(***) Tancred, perhaps involuntarily, redoubles the insult by likening Argantes to his hated rival Solyman.