SiStan ChapLee

Friday, May 8, 2015

Tancred vs Argantes (6)

[7: 62]

Sol de' colpi il rimbombo intorno mosse
L'immobil terra, e risonâro i monti,
Ma l'impeto di gravi, aspre percosse
Nulla piegò de le superbe fronti.
L'uno e l'altro cavallo in guisa urtosse
Che non fûr poi, cadendo, a sorger pronti;
Lâsciar le staffe e i piè fermâro in terra,
Cominciando i guerrer spietata guerra.

The mere rumble of the strokes shook
The motionless earth, the mounts echoed,
But the impetus of such harsh blows
Did not even bend those proud foreheads.
The one horse and the other clashed so
Hard that they fell and could not get up;
Both knights left the stirrups and secured their
Feet on the ground, starting a ruthless battle.