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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The reasons of the heart (2)

[7: 77]

L'honorò, la servì, di libertate
Accrebbe il dono il cavaliero egregio,
E tutte da lui fûro a lei lasciate
Le gemme e l'oro e ciò che vale il pregio.
Ella, veggendo in giovenile etate
E 'n leggiadri sembianti animo regio,
Restò presa d'Amor, che mai non strinse
Laccio di quel più fermo onde lei cinse.

The noble knight honored and served her,
Then added freedom also to his gifts;
He left her all her jewels, and the gold,
As well as everything else that is precious. (*)
Seeing such a royal attitude in such
A young age and such a graceful countenance,
She was caught by Love, (**) who never tightened (***)
A stronger lace than this, which bound her so.

(*) Hinting at Nicaea's "integrity."
(**) Cupid
(***) The Italian wording echoes Dante, Inferno 5: 127, the well known episode of Francesca Da Rimini. The real Tancred was a bit less chaste than his literary version.