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Friday, May 22, 2015

The reasons of the heart (3)

[7: 78]

Così, se 'l corpo libertà rihebbe,
Fu l'alma in dura servitute astretta.
Ben molto a lei d'abbandonare increbbe
Il signor caro e la prigion diletta;
Ma la regia honestà, che mai non debbe
Da magnanima donna esser negletta,
La costrinse a partirsi, e con l'antica
Madre ricoverossi in terra amica.

So, if her body regained its freedom,
Her soul was reduced to harsh slavery.
She regretted much to have to leave
Her dear lord and her beloved jail;
But royal decency, which must never
Be neglected by a magnanimous lady,
Forced her to go. With her old mother,
She then took shelter in a friendly land.

Nicaea's torments of love are described by resorting to typical late Medieval and Renaissance paradoxes. Such commonplace, however, acquires a stronger significance in Tasso, who had spent seven years in hard prison.