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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The reasons of the heart (6)

[7: 81]

Sbigottîr gli altri a l'apparir di tante
Genti nemiche, e sì diverse e fere.
Serenò ella il torbido sembiante
E lieta rimirò le squadre altere,
E con bramosi sguardi il caro amante
Cercando gìo fra quelle armate schiere.
Cercollo invan sovente, e 'l vide spesso:
- Eccolo - disse, e 'l riconobbe espresso.

Others were dismayed at seeing so many
Enemy peoples, and so strange, and fierce. (*)
She brightened up her clouded face, instead,
And happily admired the superb squadrons;
And with eager eyes, she kept looking for
Her beloved one among those armed troops.
She often looked in vain; often saw him,
And recognized him, and said, "There he goes!"

(*) This type of description usually refers to the Muslim army; here -- for the typical Renaissance sake of equal treatment -- Tasso shifts the viewpoint, and sees the Christian troops through Muslim eyes.