Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The reasons of the heart (8)

[7: 83]

Quinci vede la pugna, e 'l cor nel petto
Sentì tremarsi in quel punto sì forte
Come s'egli dicesse: - Il tuo diletto
Corre periglio d'immatura morte -.
Così d'affanno piena, e di sospetto,
Mirò del cavalier la dubbia sorte,
E del nemico il ferro ella sentìa
Ne l'alma, e i duri colpi onde languìa.

Thence she saw the duel, (*) and her very heart
She then felt tremble so violently
As though it told her, "Your beloved one
Now runs the risk of an untimely death."
So full of anguish and of fear, (**) Nicaea
Kept watching the knight's uncertain fate,
Feeling his enemy's blade inside her own
Soul together with the hard blows he received. (***)

(*) between Tancred and Argantes
(**) The word sospetto used to mean "fear," not suspicion like in current Italian, comes from Dante.
(***) It might also be translated as "the hard blows she herself suffered from," that anyway amounts to the same.