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Friday, July 17, 2015

The choice of Nicaea (6)

[7: 94, Love speaks]

"Vattene homai dove il desio t'invoglia.
Ma qual ti fingi vincitor crudele?
Non sai com'egli al tuo dolor si doglia,
E si turbi al tuo pianto, a le querele?
Crudel sei tu, ne la feminea spoglia,
Che dar nieghi salute al tuo fedele.
Langue, o fera et ingrata, il pio Tancredi,
E tu de l'altrui vita a cura hor siedi."

"Go wherever your own desire leads you!
What cruel conqueror(*) are you envisaging?
Don't you know that he suffers from your pain,
Upset by your tears, by your lamentations?
Cruel are you, though in a female body,
Who deny health to your faithful lover.
O fierce, ungrateful woman! The good Tancred
Languishes, and you take care of another." (**)

(*) Tancred as had been described by Honor. Love obviously exaggerates in the opposite direction.
(**) Argantes, whom Nicaea, as a herbalist, had to nurse in Jerusalem after his duel against Tancred.