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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The choice of Nicaea (7)

[7: 95, Love speaks]

Sana tu pur Argante, acciò che poi
Il tuo liberator sia spinto a morte:
Così disciolti havrai gli oblighi tuoi
E sì bel premio fia ch'ei ne riporte.
È possibil però che non t'annoi
Questo officio crudel per dura sorte?
E non basta la noia e l'horror solo
A far che tu di qua te 'n fugga a volo?

"Yes, heal Argantes! And as a consequence
Your liberator(*) will be led to death:
So you will fulfill your obligations,
And he will truly get a fine reward.
But, how can you not be annoyed(**) by this
Cruel duty, given you by a hard fate?
Are annoyance and horror not enough
To make you fly away from such a place?"

(*) Tancred, who was given Nicaea as a war slave, but freed her.
(**) Noia means "boredom" in current Italian, and annoiarsi, "to get bored"; but in Medieval and Renaissance Italian they had the same meaning as the English words with the root (an)noy-.