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Friday, July 24, 2015

The choice of Nicaea (8)

[7: 96, Love speaks]

Deh, ben fora, a l'incontra, officio humano,
E ben havresti tu gioia e diletto,
Se la pietosa tua medica mano
Avvicinassi al valoroso petto;
Ché per te fatto il tuo signor poi sano,
Colorirebbe il suo smarrito aspetto,
Né ti saria di sua bellezza avaro,
O d'altro don che sia gradito e caro.

"Oh, but it would be such a humane service,
And you would get such great joy and delight
If you could bring your compassionate, 
Medicating hand near to his(*) valiant chest;
After having been healed by you, your Lord
Would make his pale(**) face more colorful,
Nor would he then skimp on his own beauty ----
Or on some other dear and welcome gift." (***)

(*) Tancred
(**) The meaning of smarrito -- literally: lost, bewildered -- as "pale" comes from Dante.
(***) A hint at sex, like in Tasso's Prologue to his juvenile pastoral play Aminta.