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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Two Tassos are better than one!


Dear followers

the American version of Tasso's long poem Il Mondo Creato, to be published by International Authors, will be out probably in mid-2016, therefore a little later than formerly advertised, because of a complex set of reasons -- its own complexity included.

Meanwhile, a second project on the same poem surfaced! The whole text will now be re-translated into English in this very blog, little by little, initially on Sundays (from Sept. 6), then we'll see if a quicker pace is feasible. It will be a brand new translation, again carefully matching the original text, but in this case with more experimental solutions precisely in order to update the experimental character of the original text. This online --only online-- version will also include brand new, 'bolder' illustrations by The Magic Trio. The new MC posts will be called The 7 Days of CryAction.

Feedback will be most welcome: comments, questions, historical or literary integrations, requests (about the original Italian text, with reference to a translated section, etc.), syntactical corrections, criticisms, anything.

*** Some data for newcomers, in case. Il Mondo Creato (On the Seven Days of the World's Creation), some 10,000 lines, was written by Torquato Tasso in 1592. It possibly had some direct influence on Milton's Paradise Lost; or anyway, it is what most recalls/anticipates Milton, and English Christian poetry in general, in Italian literature. It is a wholly experimental poem: no rhymes, though still using wonderful hendecasyllables; no stanzas; no protagonists, no plot --like some experimental movies produced in Russia in the early 20th century, or in the USA in the Sixties (Andy Warhol). The whole of the Renaissance and Baroque world in an 'exploded' rendering.