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Sunday, September 20, 2015

The 7 Days of CryAction 1: 161-248

by Nivalis70 & Selkis, The Magic Trio

God, peaceful spring
great sea of goodness
never polluted by envy,
Perfection pouring
goodness onto others.
Pregnant with goodness,
He spread it as the sea
and the shining sun does:
it was his will and nature.
[170] His buds or births were
his creatures, conveying
Him somehow, who blazes
from top to bottom.
In all the Maker marked
his sign, within and without,
but good goodness
appears in those who have
sky-ward foreheads
and partly represent God.
[180] Yet no creature’s contemptible:
not one—however far
from the sky’s splendors
is wearily winding
or earthbound or hardly
sticking to a sea stone
or in swamp or valley—
will not show and tell
the art of the Artist who
made zoa from zero.
[190] Think, this was the First
Cause of creation with its
effects, and endless in stock,
never giving greedily
its benefits. Add
God’s unhidden glory.
And as among the stars
in his eternal temple
many voices worship
Him in perpetual praise
[200] re-echoed throughout
the East West North and South,
the mounts of eternity singing
hallelujah in harmony:
here on Earth there cannot
be missing ministers
who worship Him loudly.
What God’s goodness made
is made by God’s glory too,
that fills all and enlightens
[210] both borders and core.
Now the divine decree
of Anarchos-Athanatos
began, binding time
and the theology of time.
As out of a lake lying
motionless without waves
a swift stream spouts,
from God’s gathered Now
(the circle/center of itself)
[220] time took its course
when He made room
and Stillness instilled.
The invisible incomprehensible
beings existed “before” as well
as the seeds of the sensible.
It started. The supreme Father,
always with Son and Spirit
in their worldly works,
concreted the cosmos
[230] the oldest of all creatures:
He made heaven and earth.
But in a skyscraper
as high as a hill, hiding
its head in the clouds,
the foundations do not
mean the whole mass;
one step is not the stairs;
so the Point pointed-at
by Time is not its travel
[240] going then going back.
God shaped outer space first
then the seemingly still
Mother Earth in the middle
a not obscure outcome
of his will and power,
unlike the opaque shadow
of an illuminated log.
He decided, could, did.

(to be continued on Sept. 27)