SiStan ChapLee

Sunday, September 27, 2015

The 7 Days of CryAction 1: 249-326

by ilT + Nivalis70, The Magic Trio

As in Lesbos and Samos
[250] a craftsman creates
and paints endless pots
while retaining his art,
which will keep creating,
so the divine smith’s skills
are wider than one world:
He matches the multiverse.
The philosophers’ Physics
of a bottomless Bohu
with no loft no left no right
[260] out of meeting minutiae
fortuitously flying
(see the puzzled particles
where a sunbeam shines)
makes and wrecks worlds
different in place and shape
by union and disunion:
an Arachne-ish web
to be easily blown away
by Fortune’s phew,
[270] by wandering winds.
But on powerful pillars
the Earth stands, instead,
according to God’s will
and no twister shakes it;
his will only will shake it,
his Will which has recesses
of endless abysses.
Look, blind blockhead, you
who un-limit the world
[280] who put out its fire walls
who view the Void:
Don’t give Chance
a chance to reign!
Fool! You fail to see
the Prime Pattern
in the Maker’s mind,
wider than the work
He gave us to gaze at.
As an artist turns
[290] a rich round gem
into a starry sky,
into these gyrating globes
the Pantokrator put
the infinite Idea
unmatched by Ms. Matter—
who was produced
not picked by Him
(no cheating with causes).
She dresses up for Dios,
[300] proudly pregnant
with scores of shapes,
reflecting showers of rays.
Out of two sources some
derive either exclusively
good or overflowing evil
by splitting sovereignty,
and dream of a dark king
crowned with their cruelness.
No way. This would make
[310] Matter a rebel, or vice
versa slow and shy towards
the One who enamored her.
But she readily receives
and transforms all things
according to his thelema
the best species especially,
and loves them so as not to
lose them before the Big
Crunch, the sun and stars
[320] failing forever.
Matter may freely be this
or that, but not boasting
of eternity nor enjoying
as many millenniums
as her aged Father
aged Lord aged God.

(to be continued on Oct. 4)