SiStan ChapLee

Sunday, September 13, 2015

The 7 Days of CryAction 1: 97-160

Let Greek the liar forget
about Ouranos and Saturn
and gelded gods
[100] and Titans being tied
in the deep pits of Night;
usurpation, an unjust son
desecrating his own dad;
a whole-geared goddess
popping out of his head
Osiris, howling Anubis,
monsters… murky Egypt
throws truth into lies.
Mayday! May they listen
[110] to Her, the emanation
of the Most Highs mouth
before Big Bang, together
inhabiting Eternity Mounts:
the First-Born in Phos
our ungone-to goal,
this eternal Daughter
with Him without start
far from the turns of time.
Abysses were absent
[120] springs sprung not yet
when She was conceived,
no Pyrenees no Alps
no Ossa Pelion Olympus Atlas
and so on, no rivers
ran towards the seas
from North East South West
when God begot Her.
Together they drew dark
walls around the abysses.
[130] Together they fixed stars
and suspended waters.
Together they determined
and normed the ocean;
even when He founded
the Earth, She was there.
Together they shaped
all, day by day, as joking.
This gave a golden home
of stars, strewn with gold,
[140] to worldly Wisdom too
partly partaking in eternity.
But that home oddly
chances to change
and cooling by changing
it would lose its light
and frail and falling,
it would wobble—therefore
here comes a Comforter
all love light and flame,
[150] undissolving, undaunted
before any death and crash
due to time’s turning—
belying all rubbish of
Ixion and anguished Atlas.
In Him the us-including cosmos
finds rest and foreverness;
and She, with Him before
He made his masterpiece,
was with Him when
[160] He spoke his splendor.

(to be continued on Sept. 20)