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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The die is cast (1)

[7: 99]

Costei soleva in compagnia sovente
De la guerrera far lunga dimora:
Seco la vide il sol da l'occidente,
Seco la vide la novella aurora.
E quando son del dì le fiamme spente,
Un sol letto l'accolse ambe talhora;
E nullo altro pensier che l'amoroso
L'una vergine a l'altra havrebbe ascoso.

She(*) was often in the habit of remaining
With the she-warrior(**) for a long time:
They were seen together by the setting sun,
They were seen together by sunrise.
After the day's flames were extinguished,
Sometimes one bed received them both; (***)
And no thoughts, except those of love,
One virgin would hide to the other.

(*) Nicaea
(**) Clorinda. She hadn't been mentioned for many pages now: Tasso -- as elsewhere -- ask readers to complete the description by recollecting past episodes.
(***) Situations like this already appeared in Ariosto's Orlando Furioso, where however the hints at homosexuality were clearer.