Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The die is cast (3)

[7: 101]

Vennevi un giorno ch'ella in altra parte
Si ritrovava, e si fermò pensosa,
Pur tra sé rivolgendo i modi e l'arte
De la bramata sua partenza ascosa.
Mentre in vari pensier divide e parte
L'incerto animo suo, che non ha posa,
Sospese di Clorinda in alto mira
L'arme e le sopraveste, e ne sospira.

She came there(*) one day: Clorinda was
Somewhere else. She stopped and thought,
Reflecting on the best ways and devices
To leave secretly as she now longed for.
While different hypotheses divide
Her wavering, never-pausing mind,
She notices, hanging high, Clorinda's
Weapons, armor and surcoat -- and sighs. (**)

(*) Nicaea to Clorinda's quarters.
(**) According to Don Quixote's critical friends, she-warriors only belonged to the fantastic characters who packed the poems of chivalry. Camões, on the contrary, reports that there were some in Muslim armies.