SiStan ChapLee

Friday, September 18, 2015

The die is cast (6)

[7: 106, Nicaea speaks]

Ma, lassa, i' bramo non possibil cosa
E tra folli pensieri in van m'avolgo:
Io mi starò qui timida e dogliosa
Com'una pur del vil femineo volgo.
Ah! non starò: cor mio, confida et osa!
Perch'una volta anch'io l'arme non tolgo?
Perché per breve spatio non potrolle
Sostener, benché sia tenera e molle?

"Alas, I long for something impossible
And get lost in crazy thoughts in vain:
I will remain here, shy and suffering,
Precisely like any cowardly woman . . .
Ha! Won't! My heart, trust and dare!
Why not take up arms, once in a while?
Why shouldn't I be able, for a brief time,
To bear them in spite of my weakness?"