SiStan ChapLee

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The die is cast (7)

[7: 107, Nicaea speaks]

Sì, potrò ben, ché mi fara possente
A sostenere il peso Amor tiranno,
Da cui sospinti ancor s'arman sovente
D'ardir timidi cervi, e guerra fanno.
Io, se non guerra a la nemica gente,
Farò con l'arme un ingegnoso inganno:
Finger mi vo' Clorinda, e ricoperta
Sotto l'imagin sua, d'uscir son certa.

"Yes, I can, since Tyrant Love will make
Me strong enough to bear the weight:
Driven by him, even the shy deer
Feel much bolder and undertake battles. (*)
Though not any battle against enemies,
I will manage a trick with her weapons:
I will pretend to be Clorinda and, hidden
Behind her semblance, exit safely." (**)

(*) Not simply commonplace: this natural imagery is thoroughly developed in Tasso's long poem Il Mondo Creato, written in 1592-94 i.e. in the same period as Gerusalemme Conquistata.
(**) Noticeably, a speech strategy from theater scripts, when a character gives advance notice about what he/she is about to do.