SiStan ChapLee

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

This is a thriller night (1)

[7: 110]

Essa veggendo il ciel d'alcuna stella
Già sparso intorno divenir più nero,
Precipita gli indugi, e 'nsieme appella
Con bassa voce un suo fedel scudiero
Et una cara sua diletta ancella,
E parte scopre lor del suo pensiero:
Scopre la fuga, e la colora, e finge
Ch'altra cagione a dipartir l'astringe.

She,(*) seeing the sky getting darker
And darker with some scattered stars,
Wastes no more time; suddenly calls
A trustworthy squire under her breath,
And a maidservant who is dear to her.
She reveals a part of her thoughts, namely
Her escape, but masking it by pretending
That some other cause forces her to go.

(*) Nicaea. Noticeably, she does not even devote a thought to her father, Sultan Solyman (one of the two most valiant knights in the Muslim army, together with Argantes), who also is in Jerusalem. The 'reason' is plain: In this episode, Nicaea corresponds to Erminia in Gerusalemme Liberata, but Erminia was not the daughter of Solyman (who plays basically the same role in both poems). Tasso obviously didn't feel like rewriting the whole section.