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Sunday, October 4, 2015

The 7 Days of CryAction 1: 327-422

by Selkis, The Magic Trio

The Spirit simultaneously
made matter plus shapes,
with beauty and bounty
[330] He filled her longing,
instilled an instinct that
stopped the struggle
which made her an enemy
of herself in fury,
provided we can put
mud mixed up with fire:
neither was, and water
and air became a-mazed.
Eachearned? no, lost itself
[340] and death devoured
victory. Valley and top
were badly bound,
that messy mass was
On, Nihil, Maya.
Maybe a virtual war,
image of Iblis war,
picture of pólemos
of Made versus Maker.
God created together
[350] hyle kai morphé: which
first, it would be fool
to demon-strate
in academic arena.
First is Gods fine art
over techne and time;
human (he)art just
kids like a kid.
Wool first envelops sheep
then a dyer dyes it;
[360] from a shell, Sidon
picks purple flowers;
the pine tree first
nods with its needles
(or oak, fir, ash tree)
you then shape a ship;
the earth first hides
iron, then industry
finds and forges it
into plow, helmet, sword.
[370] But Gods ante-time
art made earth ’n’ sky
simul, not simulated,
finely filling them with
fire, air, and water, which
embraced heavy earth
whispering meanwhile:
tough though waving,
overlaid by oxygen,
overflown by fire
[380] that skims the sky.
So our gifted God
connected like a chain
extravagant elements.
Between end and end
He hosted the other two
fiends and friends
and the net was neat.
Tellus was still
unseen unsettled
[390] like a trashy theater,
no audience no actors.
No mortal was alive
to see it; distressing
loneliness filled
wilderness with horror.
No leaves no shadow
of tall trees embellished
emerald green hills,
no roses no privets
[400] no hyacinths et cetera
did glorify grass or
surround springs.
Half-hidden underwater
under a veil that veiled
her phantom face
and lumpy limbs
was gloomy Gea.
Ouranos was unrelieved:
no fabulous frills
[410] of gleam and gold
and signs. The Sun
licensed no lamp,
he met no Moon
face to face or wandering
away with hoary horns,
no celestial choirs
of fixed or fleeing stars
encompassing Helios.
Light also was lacking,
[420] darkness defaced
the abyss. The world was
born but not seen.

(to be continued on Oct. 11)