Sunday, October 11, 2015

The 7 Days of CryAction 1: 423-488

by Selkis + ilT, The Magic Trio

What about that abyss,
if peeping is up to us?
The sun sent no light
to antipodes, in our places
shadow did not soar
towards sky’s tent then…
No pugnacious powers
[430] were the abyss: absurd!
No Darkness disputing
against Tagathon:
if evil were as efficacious
as good, a grim endless
war would ensue, death
of victor and vanquished.
Just—if Good conquers
why doesn’t it erase Evil?
Could an evil-less Earth
[440] only enjoy goods?
Death’s jaws, jobless?
Bios overcoming and killing
Thanatos? No traces left
of Adam’s deception?
Let no turd tongue
against God
by shooting shit
say that evil’s source
is Him the high
[450] Giver of gifts.
Contraries cannot
engender each other:
if indeed the one falls
the other triumphs.
Fellow follows fellow
fire comes from fire.
So don’t try to trace
sunbeam back to shadow
light back to gloominess
[460] health back to illness,
don’t be deceived
by ersatz truth.
Evil is no entelecheia,
don’t look for it far away
not all around
like a tangible thing
but inside your soul
as the stain of sin,
voluntary and welcome.
[470] You are the author
of your evils ever and ever,
languidly loving them
idol-latrizing them.
But shame and exile
pitiable poverty
dismaying death
are not evils—to hell
with fear! Felicity in vain
is sought in its opposite
[480] (tho it is truly bad
to want and be without).
Dearth implies dark.
But “darkness” in Genesis
just foreboded a feature
of sunless atmosphere.
If darkness is birthless
then evil is previous; but
can Worst be the winner?

(to be continued on Oct. 18)