SiStan ChapLee

Sunday, October 18, 2015

The 7 Days of CryAction 1: 489-570

So Light lay there together
[490] with our neighbor night:
Light enlightening angels
and souls, not senses.
Sensible rays reflect
a picture of true Light,
Light rejoicing in Jehovah
while, far away, the sun
carries clouded beams.
Eternal Light was there
and perhaps Seraphs
[500] and millions of months
swirling in his Eyes.
before Tellus and time,
created by Phos the First
were radiant angels.
The heavenly leaders
the Powers and Peers
so many electric corps
majestic and immortal
[510] God’s squads could not
live long in darkness.
Created Minds means
created light, who lives
celebrating and singing
(as Life and Light does)
a musical movie
by pronouncing praise
to supreme Splendor
in that tranquil temple.
[520] Such Light/Land was promised
to the righteous, who will receive
the immortal-light-y of saints;
vice versa the villains will
have pain in Pandemonium.
Bereshit the Spirit passed
over abyss and aqua
preparing the process,
partaking in the King’s part
by empowering the waves
[530] as a seabird who shells
out of her energized egg
a still misshapen son.
LORD said, “Let’s have light!”
and word implied work.
It was not thrill of tongue
that reshapes the air
and conveys its voice:
his wheeling Will
follows his Word-within.
[540] So the very first voice
of God the Father forged
dizzy dazzling light
in a ball, then—Bang!
divided it on Day 4.
He overcame horror
colored the cosmos
showed the sky
royally revealed
further phenomena
[550] by spreading sight,
the feast of physis
the ecstasy of elements
the sap of sense and mind:
invisibilia Ipsius intellecta.
Suddenly South and North
and East and West
were watered by light
as by a busy tractor
faster than thought,
[560] geared by God.
No car compares with you
O magnificent Light, the friend
of nature and mankind,
mirror of the Most High,
encouraging and elevating!
You carry charismas
to us un-merry mortals
from eternal treasures
generously given us by
[570] the Parent of Presents.

(to be continued on Oct. 25)