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Sunday, October 25, 2015

The 7 Days of CryAction 1: 571-664

by Selkis + ilT, The Magic Trio

As a superb Sultan
out of subterranean strata
provides precious metals,
or from auriferous acres,
and pearls and purple from
undersea, add rubies
amethysts and emeralds
and the shiniest hardiest
stones from Orient—
[580] the Ruler of Rta
hidden in Empyrean
ungone-to by all geniuses
who study the stars—
owns eternal depots
of sublime light to share.
Heaven itself indeed
is limpid light, light
are temple and throne
as well as the weapons
[590] of his chosen corps.
As for manufactured light
He commented, “Cool!”
and that’s true:
pulchritude surpassing
the charm of assemblages
and harmonious measures
of both soil and sky.
Not in a viride-scent valley
preposterous Paris
[600] would know about it:
Let him see Hesperus
also called Lucifer
and her lovely light,
let him choose chastity
and hyper-urania!
Now, Dios divided
light from Unlight
by means of names.
He willed one day
[610] between both limits,
a day whose end
was not set by Sun
while twirling—
since it didn’t exist.
The sovereign smith
gave it space and signs;
forging Four and Three
He filled time with one
morn multiplied by seven
[620] and stuffed space too.
This self-sufficient figure
equals eternity, not only time:
it is time terminal.
Yet snobbish is Sunday
black sheep of Shaddai
odd without the others,
branded by its Maker…
no! lo, LORD’s Day
shunning the Sun’s name,
[630] unmingled with “miseri profani
involved in trivia:
LORD’s D-Day
one day disjointed
from the drive of days
and years and centuries,
and sick of sequels.
You His seekers,
don’t follow phantasmata
of Day down to Hades.
[640] Follow the phantasmagorical
dazzle of Day 8
which will not set
and thwarts twilight
and avoids alternation
with enemy night:
everlasting happiness
for one endless day
or aeon, eternal anyway.
Blared in the beginning
[650] by prophetical spirits;
then when, like a lion,
Christus Rex rose again
and humiliated hell.
His Conqueror Church
from Rome teaches this
and celebrates with chants
and tinkers with trophies.
From a sublime see
there booms the blessing
[660] of the boundary-less
Leader. Luckily enough
Clement VIII on the eighth
day enlightens hearts
and slow-minded souls. 

(to be continued on Nov. 1)