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Friday, October 30, 2015

This is a thriller night (10)

[7: 123]

Poi rimirando il campo, ella dicea:
- O belle a gli occhi miei tende latine!
Aura spira da voi che mi ricrea
E mi conforta pur ch'io m'avvicine:
Così a la mia vita faticosa e rea
Qualche honesto riposo il ciel destine,
Come in voi solo il cerco, e solo hor parme
Che trovar pace io possa in mezzo a l'arme.

Then, looking at the camp, she said,
"O Western tents, so beautiful to see! (*)
From you a comforting(**) breeze blows
That now encourages me to approach you.
Yes, to my tiring and so far ill-fated life
May Heaven give some honest rest: (***)
I look for this here only, only now it seems
To me that I can find peace in war."

(*) "O brave new world!"
(**) The verb ricrea (cfr. "recreation") echoes Dante, Paradiso 31: 43.
(***) These two lines surely had an autobiographical undertone.