SiStan ChapLee

Friday, October 9, 2015

This is a thriller night (4)

[7: 114]

Con le mentite spoglie occulta, ascosa,
E per secreta via con lor si parte.
Pur in molti s'aviene, e l'aria ombrosa
Splender di ferro vede in qualche parte;
Ma impedir quel viaggio altri non osa
Che la fortuna sua mena in disparte,
E la notte gli affida, o pur la tigre
Temuta insegna รจ fra le genti impigre.

Hidden under false garments she leaves
With them(*) through a secret passage.
She bumps into several people, and sees
Iron shining in the dark in some places;
But no one prevents her from going, (**)
All being taken away by her good luck;
Night helps them, or else the waking men
Are afraid of the device of the tiger. (***)

(*) Nicaea with her two servants.
(**) Echoing Dante, Inferno 5: 22.
(***) Clorinda's device. There is another narrative inconsistency here, because Clorinda will not notice that her armor has disappeared!