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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

This is a thriller night (9)

[7: 122]

Nicaea waits for her messenger to come back from the Christian camp, where he met Tancred and told him that a mysterious woman asks for the permission to talk to him.

Era la notte, e 'l suo stellato velo
Chiaro spiegava e senza nube alcuna,
E giĆ  spargea rai luminosi e gelo
Di vive perle la sorgente luna.
L'innamorata donna iva co 'l cielo
Le sue fiamme sfogando ad una ad una,
E secretari del suo amore antico
Fea i muti campi e quel silentio amico.

It was Night, who spread her starry
Veil wholly clear, without any clouds;
Already luminous rays and chill
Of living pearls came from the moon.
Meanwhile the woman in love vented
Her inner fires with the sky, one by one,
Making confidants of her long-time love
The mute fields and that friendly stillness.