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Friday, October 2, 2015

Welcome back home, Michelangelo!

Michelangelo's House in Florence is a unique museum -- "house" rather than "home" since he bought it when he already lived in Rome. The artist's closer relatives themselves started to take care of the building and the collections from the beginning. The museum in fact owns an amazing set of sculptures, drawings, projects, sketches, letters, poems, notes, even invoices in Michelangelo's own handwriting, plus other important works that complete the collection, e.g. reproductions of his paintings that meanwhile have gone lost. We can follow Michelangelo's life and ideas almost as if we were in real time. Above: the wonderful catalog of an exhibition that took place in 2002. It was called Grafia e biografia, "Graphic & Biographic."

See Casa Buonarroti's official website.

The book has been found here.