Saturday, November 14, 2015

Forse adesso / Now maybe

Forse adesso si troverà meno buffonesco quel poema in cui si narra di Parigi assediata dai guerrieri musulmani. Si potrebbe addirittura cominciare a imparare qualcosa (il modo intelligente di dialogare, ad esempio). 

Now maybe that long poem that dealt with Paris being besieged by Muslim warriors will no longer seem so silly. We could even start learning something (intelligent dialogue, for instance).

* * *

P.S. More in detail:

Now, maybe, a certain 16th century poem dealing with Paris being besieged by Muslims could stop appearing so-ooo funny. In the Renaissance, they knew what all of this meant; and incidentally, the West's approach to Islam, and vice versa, was less idiot than nowadays. Both sides knew HOW to make war (not terrorism) AND how to exchange culture meanwhile. They were neighbors, they were parts of one world, the two sides of the international coin; they shared values -- not only oil, weapons, TV.

Modern Europe, and particularly France, should definitely reconsider the so-called "Enlightenment" attitude according to which "Alright, we will tolerate you in our countries, but we despise you." In the 16th century, it was the other way round on both sides, "We may be fighting you, but we will respect you if you show you deserve it." It was chess play, not drones piloted from afar against people, like God's fire against Sodom -- political leaders did not play God then.

That twitting ISIS guy said one truth: "This is only the beginning."