SiStan ChapLee

Sunday, November 1, 2015

The 7 Days of CryAction 2: 1-77

Songday 2

In front of that temple
transported oftentimes,
all open spaces
with no vault or veil
were subject to cold
to the winds’ wrath
to the hot Dog;
there gathered crowds
and sheep for sacrifice.
[10] Such are the inhabitants
of the opaque world.
We dealt with this.
Now from dark fogs
we go towards the glare
of seven-branched beams,
an ever-lighted lamp
safely from South winds
honoring Him: here
no feral feelings
[20] pollute the place.
O procul este profani!
Who will unveil Mystery
and show the shining
crane-winged Cherub?
Already by God’s Word
Sky One had been set
outside the starry circles
and enjoyed its jubilee
unmoved by motions
[30] clock or anticlockwise.
From Empyrean the pyr
of pure spirits spread
the rays of supreme Ra
(other angels accordingly
sat on lower steps
and had lower labors).
Their science now shifted
from bottom to top,
brightening in his Bosom,
[40] while in things themselves
science glooms. Grace
and merit magnified them.
The Creator carrying on
his holy marvels
launched, “Let there be
the starry vault dividing
waters from waters.”
He forged a firmament
time-resistant and
[50] durable thru turns
as a long-playing law
to the waving worlds.
Its surface separated
the pilgrim plasma
from fluid water
and iron-hard ice,
above and below.
He did, and declared
firmament from “firm”;
[60] Man would say sky
or starry space. Morning
to sunset: Second Day.
As Daedalus does
(or other old masters)
by managing marble first
and silver and cedar
that time may never
eat with its teeth
then fixes its features
[70] and arranges arches
over pro-jected pillars
or cuties of Carya
and enthrones theaters
like in gorgeous Greece—
God glues the cosmos
with its substance
then adorns its corners.

(to be continued on Nov. 8)