SiStan ChapLee

Sunday, November 15, 2015

The 7 Days of CryAction 2: 157-253

Yep, reason hobbles behind
slippery senses: the stars
show a problematic path.
[160] Why do figs fall
and feathers fly, while
medium-weighty water
circles the Earths core?
To non-observable objects
our brains are blind,
often miss the observable
and are dazzled by divinity.
The substance of the sky
let us learn from the One
[170] who made it like smoke
but more massive
than compact crystal
in mighty mountains,
more than metal that hardens
and matches a mirror.
With such a substance
He created the Crystalline
(if the earthly expresses
the heavenly) which He
[180] rolled round the stars:
the Great Ball’s border,
overflowed by waters.
What “waters” were set
above the astra, and why?
When will they fall?
Are they your angels
who psalmodically praise
your never-ending Name?
Or, does ice exalt You?
[190] Are “waters” awkward matter
then outlined by You?
Are there weighty waters
where not even air ascends?
Have cosmic laws changed?
You did open the doors
of horrid rain and
envelop the Earth
during the Deluge;
the Armenian mounts
[200] saved the seed of Man.
Are therefore, over there,
waters as Gods servants
to send us disasters?
or as fire fighters
to secure society?
We do need fire for
our existence and tools,
we need water as well,
and they skip each other.
[210] Much smaller is the seat
of our Ancient Mother
who lay overlaid
by atavistic abysses
and now shows sections
of her flanks and face,
still mostly submerged.
Waters are not only
kept in her dark core
or running underground,
[220] they also fill her sur-face.
Hence lagoons and lakes
and whispering springs
and bank-reaching rivers.
See East: Hydaspes Indus
the glorious Ganges
Araxes Bactrus Caspian Cyrus
Don frequently frozen
flowing into a salty sea
and Phasis into Pontus.
[230] West: Danube Guadalquivir
that goes beyond Gibraltar
while Danube divides
the unity of Europe.
How many more from
Hyperborea Pyrenees Alps
bordering Belgians and Celts!
South: the Nile inundates
Ethiopia, enriches Egypt;
add Cremetes Egon Nisava.
[240] Some mix in the Mediterranean
some occupy Ocean
Ocean surrounding
and slapping the soil.
Providence provided
so numerous humors
to make mainlands safe
from fiendish Fire;
so that he, tho triumphant
in his impetus and ire
[250] cannot conquer all things
and usurp all seats
before the dreadful day
of Jehovah’s judgment.

(to be continued on Nov. 22)