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Sunday, November 8, 2015

The 7 Days of CryAction 2: 78-156

by Selkis + ilT, The Magic Trio

False is the thought
of some Greek savants,
[80] that cosmos consumed
all mass of matter
therefore He stopped
after one Whole.
Nor numberless are
the universes as you
say in your books, Bruno.
God, who made morphé
and hyle in grand style,
could bear bubbles as
[90] many as fill the foam:
before endless Energy
Big Bangs are bubbles.
One however was made
as Unum is the Mirror
who emanated it.
One is the Order tho
in several spheres.
The supreme sphere
motionless (here Man’s
[100] sense senses angels)
is no-body but bare
flaming light:
here’s the Empyrean.
The following one
a body for Beobachtung
turns in nine circles
but its mysterious matter
fills fiery quivers
with sharp syllogisms
[110] of academic adversaries.
Others, out of mud
would weave it,
soon to decay and die;
just its fill-in form
and its longing lets it
almost look like
the eternal entities.
Others choose a chosen
liquor from lees
[120] and shape the stars
having light from fire
and firmness from earth.
Others free from death
the newborn universe
not by nature—necessarily
dominated by Doom—
but thanks to Ho Theos
who warmly supports it.
Another, an ancient one,
[130] by alternating the elements
makes and unmakes it
according to hate or love:
Hate thru triumph yields
the sensible substance,
while hate being beaten
by lion-hearted love,
love masters the minds.
Another tires an Intellect
among mishmash, which
[140] the maddened mind
tries in vain to treat.
Another makes masses
out of different figures:
pyr out of pyramids
soil out of squares
the sublime breath of air
out of twenty-sided solids
water out of eight
so that ephemeral figures
[150] should secure weight.
Another conceives sky
as queer quintessence
devoid of death
and eternally running
in circles around around
its Mover like a lover.

(to be continued on Nov. 15)