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Sunday, November 22, 2015

The 7 Days of CryAction 2: 254-324

by Selkis + ilT, The Magic Trio

One day—as sacred fame
meant in many tongues—
fire will fill the world
which with water and land
will collapse in ash.
Then rivers will evaporate,
[260] not even Kraken will
be safe from flames.
We meanwhile trust in
the Harmony-maker who
chose waters from waters.
Waters, in sum; so the stars
and seven spheres inside
wave underwater.
Their super-skilled Smith
didn’t design a square
[270] nor a cosmic cone
nor pyramid nor cylinder
in his crafts-no-man’s-ship
but wheel within wheel
so the most sublime
contain the tiniest.
A painter primarily
sketches a scheme
then gilds and pigments
then adds details
[280] and perfects portraits;
so Elohim embellished
all, tho not yet studding
that sphere with stars:
its signs and designs
would be printed there
when He built bases
on Day Four for
Moon, Sun, and so on,
Arcturus and Orion
[290] and all Jovial jewels
high-lighting those
who would name them.
That swirling sphere
was pinched in two points,
two constant Poles:
the one’s always on high,
the other stays in Styx
hidden underground.
God did this. Then Man
[300] conceived circles
divided in five strips
and with similar strips
divided the Earth.
The circle that in-sects
heaven into two halves
equidistant from Poles
is Equator that equalizes
night’s and day’s duration.
The other, that turns towards
[310] two spots where the sun
restarts the same route,
was pegged as the Path
of Animals by anthropoi.
Two lesser round lines,
the sun’s rebound barriers,
are termed Tropics.
Two Poles: nomen, omen.
So-called Colures are
two faulty circumferences.
[320] The line of limit
between darkness and day
is Horizon, and Meridian
the sun’s site at midday
varying via latitude.

(to be continued on Nov. 29)