SiStan ChapLee

Sunday, November 29, 2015

The 7 Days of CryAction 2: 325-398

The Zodiac, characterized
by its sliding signs,
intersects the Equator
(that intersects the Earth)
and the Tropics too,
[330] thus with a triple link.
It always half-appears
with six starry signs
above Earth, the other half
hiding with six signs.
Each sign got the same
room but different times,
as six fall and flee
at dead darkness of night,
six see the sky back.
[340] Icons of stars and gold
designed in dark Egypt
by brilliant bluffers;
Greece imagined monsters
and filled with fabulous
whims the whole sky.
The figuratively first­
Fleece-less and faint
is Helle’s vehicle
that imports Spring.
[350] The knee-bending Bull
through its hot horns
fertilizes our fields.
Two joined Gemini
send fire from stars.
Cancer slackens
the sun’s speed.
The grim-looking Lion
threatens from on top.
Next, a shining Señorita
[360] with Wheat, then Libra
balances light and dark.
A super-sized Scorpion
seems to place scales
all around Astraea.
Sagittarius shoots
cruelly. Capricorn
follows fiercely as
a second stop sign
letting lazy nights in.
[370] Then the Trojan teens
phosphorescent amphora
and the entwined tails
of flashing Fishes.
So the ancient age
conceived Coeli.
Further figures
in the four directions
would be detected.
Close to the clear
[380] Pole in the proximity
the Little Bear led
Phoenician phenomenons.
Seven-starred hide,
the Great tarrying Bear
was a hope omen
to Greeks in jeopardy.
Boötes calmly calls her;
a deino-Saur snakes
thru the Bear’s body.
[390] Next: Cepheus, Ariadne’s
crown, brawny Hercules,
Lyre, Swan. Another son
of Jove high in the sky,
whipped by the wind,
checks out Cassiopeia,
with winged feet
taking off triumphantly
fast and furious.

(to be continued on Dec. 6)