SiStan ChapLee

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

This is a thriller night (17)

[7: 130]

Fugge Nicea, temendo al suono, al grido,
E la donzella sua paurosa e mesta,
D'augelli in guisa a cui del dolce nido
Preciso è il calle; e quel seguir non resta.
Ecco già da le tende il servo fido
Con la tarda novella aggiunge in questa;
E l'altrui fuga anchor dubbio accompagna,
E gli sparge il timor per la campagna.

Nicaea flees, frightened by the voices(*) and yells,
Together with her shy and saddened maid,
Like birds finding the way to their nests
Interrupted; the man(**) doesn't stop chasing.
And lo! from the tents(***) the trustworthy
Servant comes with his news -- too late,
So, though puzzled, follows the women:
Fear disperses them across the fields.

(*) Or maybe, clatter. Suono generally means any "sound."
(**) The sentry who first noticed Nicaea and mistook her for Clorinda. The verb restare used in the sense of "stopping" comes from Dante, passim. (It means "remaining" in current Italian.)
(***) The Christian camp.