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Sunday, December 6, 2015

The 7 Days of CryAction 2: 399-481

by ilT+Selkis, The Magic Trio

Close to his knee
[400] are very small stars
virtually Virgilian,
slightly-lit lights
but of farfetched fame
as the escorts of Summer
who push productivity:
Campesino! Confer
seeds on She-Soil!”
More: a celestial Charioteer
with herpetological ends;
[410] Aesculapius in Anguis;
an Arrow ardent with
five estrellas; the Eagle;
the Dolphin; divine Pegasus
who bore Bellerophon.
Cepheus daughter, and Delta,
and the triangle typical
of three-topped Sicily
that ignites the head
of skinned Aries while
[420] approaching planets.
Next to the un-Bear-able
is the killer whale before which
stripped Andromeda stood
in beach bondage;
it still searches (for) her
though far and safe
under Aquilo.
Agni-armed Orion
hides by night as soon
[430] as Scorpion rises.
Then a sparkling River;
the Hare avoiding
Canine teeth, while
an under-sized Dog
saddens in anger
atmosphere and fields—
appearing afterward
to us, but before to
antipodal Australia.
[440] Argo with dark prow
turns and returns—
but with shining stern.
Hydra Crater Crow Chiron
Wolf, anointed Altar.
Another Crown cheers
this side of the sky
and moreover a merman:
Dagon who was adored
by passed-away Syrians
[450] unsatisfied with
worshiping him on earth
but projecting their prayers
onto astronomy too.
Fantasies of fools
and original joke
that twisted Tellus!
Fallacious figures
of circles and stars
perverting Providence.
[460] Vain ideas and hopes
of proud pithecanthropus.
Vain boldness and hubris,
to summarize the stars
to distinguish dust
to measure measureless
lands skies and seas
to detect the depth
of abysmal abysses
to state man’s life limits
[470] to drive Dharma
by dominating Nature
and freely-given will
not subject to any star.
The will wins, however,
and grasps the Kingdom
through flaming love
not the love and flames
by which Antiquity
with silly simulacra
[480] tried to turn heaven
into an untidy temple.

(to be continued on Dec. 13)