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Sunday, December 13, 2015

The 7 Days of CryAction 2: 482-559

by ilT+Selkis, The Magic Trio

A lascivious Swan
seduced Lady Leda,
the Eagle clawed
not bolts but a boy.
What about Ariadne
and a thousand tales
that Hellas welcomed
from Egypt and Babylon?
[490] Alexander’s follower
added to astrology
Berenice’s blond hair.
Mocking mortals
make—with marble
or wood from a wood—
earthly idols, and even
abuse angels on high
and glorious gyrations
(light is the stars’ glory
[500] that differentiates them).
Please stop twisting
splendors into lies
thus falling from light
to devilish darkness:
climb up God by light
and make Him out
in his scattered sparks!
God only can Google
all stars in the sky,
[510] He tags them
and they volunteer
in his imperial army.
As sentries tarrying
late after curfew
to watch what’s up,
the stars surround
the sky’s castle
as the King commanded.
He however did not draw
[520] bears dragons lions
like eternal engravings
or any other objects of
sea creek mount or wood:
just the Cross of Christ’s
triumph against Styx
can be seen in the sky
with its four flashes,
unknown to our old
Ages that only conceived
[530] Boรถte, Bears, and so on.
The New Era knows, tho,
and the other hemisphere
shows its peoples the Cross.
Omen of overcoming
to the righteous king,
it appeared in the air
when Helen’s son saw
the new Pharaoh fall
from a trembling bridge
[540] and rescued Rome
and destroyed idols.
Another thundering one
would judge Julian
and postea disappear
like Susan Storm.
But that celestial Cross
is a sign of steady
(hopefully) heritage,
a God-written Tabula
[550] to victors and vanquished
giving glory and health.
Egypt did envision
this though in darkness
when among its abracadabras
listed a Cross also.
GloriaPatri also printed
it in cosmic cardinals
since its shape signifies
East West North South.

(to be continued on Dec. 20)