SiStan ChapLee

Sunday, December 20, 2015

The 7 Days of CryAction 2: 560-627

by Nivalis70, The Magic Trio

[560] Signs of salvation
God did give us
making no mistakes
for the death or damage
of mourning mortals.
Let silly tongues stop
hissing against Heaven!
No star stares evilly
to harm anybody
by choice or character.
[570] Not choice, caused
by sense and soul like
in anguished animals.
Not character, as created
by Dominus who never
makes anything adulterated.
Never by simply shifting
could stars counter-act
or by slanted sight
or by metamorphosis—
[580] though they maintain
that stars show sentiments
when a baby is born or dies.
Some set joyfully
some rise ruefully
some snap and subside.
Otherwise humankind
would be more reliable
than heaven, and uglify
Sanatana Dharma.
[590] Jupiter doesn’t jump
like a karma chameleon
changing its colors
from shape to shape
in the name of neighbors.
Goodness necessarily
unifies the universe
thanks to God’s finger.
The stars suffer
no love nor loathing
[600] built on baseness;
no askance looks
no mess among three,
four, six signs while
focusing on one’s friend
or enemy. No hate nor
disdain in the sky.
With the penta-planets
the stars maybe mingle
as beneficent bodies.
[610] Yes, they show us
what to do or avoid
in this slippery life
but they are no tyrants
and help us always.
A steersman will wisely
keep his ship still
with rough roaring sea
and ominous Orion.
A pilgrim properly
[620] recovers from the rain
in a solitary inn.
Ill people pay attention
to due or deadly days.
Sowers in each season
follow in their fatigues
the bountiful birth
or setting of stars.

(to be continued on Jan. 10)