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Sunday, January 10, 2016

The 7 Days of CryAction 2: 628-696

by Selkis, The Magic Trio

Yet—Filius forecast
stupendous signs
[630] of world wreckage
in moon sun ’n’ stars:
Luna denying light
Sol sanguineous
announce apocalypse.
Trespassers though
try to loosen life
as weakly woven
by the Fate’s thread
but subject to skies,
[640] bless Babylon!
Alright, let’s admit
signs not of storms
or varying weather
but of life’s leading:
What next? That fixed
and ever-shifting stars
with complicated knots
and pics and links
are the real reason
[650] of a lucky life?
Or the other Hawaii round?
To disentangle this
I will quote quotations
and count inconsistencies.
Astrologists saw a lot
of things in a brief time
speedily disappearing,
ergo finxerunt figuras
with micro-measures
[660] as tiny as dots
as swift as twinkling.
Of babies being born
out of woman’s womb
they immediately
detected the different
cleverness and chances:
One will become Cambyses
one Alexander or Augustus
for scepter and reign
[670] for cheers and win,
one will imitate Irus
in begging for bread
in knocking poverty.
They took twelve signs
and cut thirty parts
as many as the hemerai
in one Sun-passage;
then divided daily
twenty-four hours
[680] sixty minutes and seconds
to fit in with the fetus.
But clear certainty
was denied—Nohow!—
about that time point.
A baby is born: Let us
see his/her sex first
then wait for his/her wail,
the Symbol of existence,
and determine destiny.”
[690] How many seconds, Sir?
Who can fill the cans
with shapes and stars
coming up, overcoming,
driving the kid’s chariot?
In phantasmagorical figures
delusion is decreed.

(to be continued on Jan. 17)